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But first, What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

The Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that allows users to present clear graphical illustrations of multimedia presentations. The use of the PowerPoint application by Microsoft is a soft skill that students must have.

Microsoft delivers this package in addition to several integrated aspects necessary for a professional presentation. The built-in features of Microsoft PowerPoint help in creating pomp and flair during a presentation.

The integrated characters in PowerPoint include the Microsoft word function and image editing and insertion tools.

How will you do my powerpoint presentation for me?

Making a PowerPoint presentation is a hustle-free task that can be completed when working on an official presentation. This task involves having a detailed understanding of the Microsoft Office features to ensure a good quality paper.

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Step-by-step guide on how you can create excellent PowerPoint presentations

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation takes very easy stages.

The first stage: 

Go to the application, ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ and open it.

The second stage: 

how to start powerpoint presentation

On the top left-hand side of the screen, click on ‘file. In the drop-down box go to ‘new’.

Then proceed to the box that appears titled ‘new presentation’. 

The third stage: 

There is a section named ‘from design template’ in the new box, ‘new presentations.’ Choose a design template that you desire. 

The fourth stage is to design the slide

 After identifying a template that suits you, click on the template. One can further choose the color for the design template by clicking ‘color schemes’ in the ‘new presentations’ box.

The fifth stage is to customize the layout of the slide

There is a certain way in which you may want the presentation to look like especially how the information flows. To develop this, go to the left-hand side of the screen and click on ‘format’. In the drop-down menu click on ‘slide layout’ then select the design you wish.

The sixth stage is to add text to the presentation

There is a box titled ‘Click to Add Text’. On this box simply click and add your text.

The seventh stage is to add your images

Inside the box that is titled ‘click to add content’ there are other icons. These icons represent different functions. Click on the icon of a mountain and this will lead you to a new dialogue box where you can browse for photographs on the computer or external storage. Click on the image you want and click insert.

The eighth stage is to readjust the images

The image that you select may not fit perfectly in the presentation. There is, therefore, a need to resize it. Resizing the images is good to make your presentation slides proportional. It also makes the slides attractive and presentable. This is a simple process.

Simply left-click on the picture, the picture will have some boxes and simply place the cursor on the edges of the picture. While holding the left mouse button, move the mouse until the picture is dragged to the perfect size.

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