What is Academic Writing and how to tackle it

Academic writing is a common task among students. However, students are faced with great problems when it comes to delivering academic writings in time. Many students often turn to professional writing services for their academic writing help. We are such a service. We offer high quality academic writing samples. Many students ask us, how are academic writing samples beneficial?

  1. Before coming up with the final copy, many students go through several drafts, however with a sample essay; the numbers of drafts are lessened drastically. This helps save time and energy which can be channeled to other constructive things such as extra-curricular activities.
  2. Get the reference material that you require to format your paper easily. Books, journals, magazines, reports etc are critical aspects of any essay paper. The reference material acts as the core for the essay therefore without credible reference material, the essay is null. Finding the appropriate reference material is very tasking and with a limited amount of time the number of references will reduce which is not a good thing. But, with an example essay the references in the paper can be easily accessed and used as reference material.
  3. By using an example essay, one can get a better quality of essay. The writers we use for our sample essay are experts in their field and in essay writing. The papers are further checked and verified/edited by our professionals. This means that you get a high quality essay paper in the end. This essay paper will be able to show you how to write your paper well and in the end help improve your quality and grades.

As you can see there are many advantages of getting a sample paper. To add to that we offer personalized academic writing services. We care for our academic career of our customers and go to great lengths to ensure that they get the best. Our academic writing services ensure that:

  • Your academic writing is designed according to your specifications. The thesis statement is written from scratch and is not copied from anywhere. The content of the academic writing is composed specifically for you. Simply state in the inquiry form the academic level, type of letter and the number of pages. This is information will be used by the writer to compose your paper so it is extremely important that you are as accurate and detailed as possible.
  • The academic writing is of original content. This personal approach works to increase our customer satisfaction. After each paper is completed, it is checked for plagiarism and any errors.
  • You have an option of an unlimited number of revisions. Should you find that the academic writing does not meet your requirements you can ask for a revision to ensure that your paper meets your requirements.
  • The academic writing is delivered online. Once the paper is done, it is delivered on your personal account. Simply approve and download your paper.

We take time to recruit our writers and each writer has to go through 3 tests before being approved. After the tests they are still monitored to ensure that they still conform to our strict writing standards. The three tests include:

  • An English test to determine the mastery of the writer in the language.
  • A formatting test to determine the understanding of the writer of different international formatting standards of MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian among others.
  • A writing test that is aimed at determining the speed with which a writer can deliver a quality paper.